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Government and Security in Iraq: The Evolving Challenge

Des Browne
RUSI Journal, 27 July 2006
Iraq, UK, Defence Policy
We cannot go too fast if we want the progress we are making in Iraq to be sustainable.

The last few weeks have seen important events in Iraq. The Iraqi people now have a new government of national unity. But at the same time the recent upsurge of violence is continuing, including in the south, and British troops have suffered setbacks. Clearly this is a complex picture and it can be difficult to reconcile conflicting images of progress one day and setbacks the next. First, I would like to give you my view of the situation in Iraq – based on my visit last week with the Chief of Defence Staff, and in particular my conversations with our troops on the ground; and second, to set out what this situation means for our long-term strategy of supporting Iraq in its journey towards democratic self-governance.

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