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US President Barack Obama walks with Marine General Joseph Dunford Jr., his nominee to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, May 2015.

Civil–Military Relations on Trial: Through the Eyes of Tomorrow’s US Military Leaders

Gregory Foster
RUSI Journal, 29 September 2016
United States, US Defence Policy, Military Personnel
Students at the National Defense University in Washington provide a valuable insight into the US military’s relationship with the civilian world.

Civil–military relations, a subject of enduring concern in the US and a matter of intense debate during the presidential administration of Bill Clinton, have receded in the public mind to a matter of little immediate concern. As such, it is important to determine what tomorrow’s senior military leaders are thinking in this regard. Gregory Foster analyses the views expressed by a number of these future leaders enrolled in a course on civil–military relations at the National Defense University in Washington, DC, providing an insight into the minds of those who will lead tomorrow’s US military.

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