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A North Korean ballistic missile at its Victory Day celebrations in 2013. Courtesy of Stefan Krasowski/Wikimedia

Atomic Outcast: Will North Korea Behave Like A ‘Normal’ Nuclear Power?

Björn Alexander Düben
RUSI Journal, 19 January 2018
North Korea, Defence Policy, Global Security Issues, Proliferation and Nuclear Policy, Pacific
The nature of North Korea's political system suggests that it might not behave like other nuclear powers.

The recent developments in North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme have thrown the issue of nuclear proliferation and deterrence in East Asia into sharp relief, but to date the discussion of what long-term impact these developments are likely to have on the international system has not progressed very far. Björn Alexander Düben asks how Pyongyang is likely to behave now that it has passed a major threshold in nuclear weapons development, and what the implications for global security are.

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