RUSI evidence papers included in new Government climate change report

Expert RUSI analysis has been used by the Government to publish its new report on climate change. Papers prepared by the Climate Change and Security Programme at RUSI have helped the Government deliver a comprehensive analysis on the wider-effects of climate change.

Evidence papers from the RUSI Climate Change programme have been used in a new report published by the Government today. The report, International Dimensions of Climate Change, examined the risk of climate change in five areas including foreign policy and security, finance and business, infrastructure, resources and commodities and health.

Dr. Tobias Feakin, a RUSI Senior Research Fellow and Director of the National Security and Resilience programme, was one of four lead experts working on the project. The Lead Expert Group worked alongside the UK Foresight programme to provide 'cutting-edge evidence' and 'findings...of a high technical and scientific standard'.

The report also used papers written by RUSI's Climate Change and Security programme as evidence in its findings. These included the 2010 report Climate-Related Impacts on National Security in Mexico and Central America,a study of the challenges faced by Mexico and Central American states. Another research paper Environmental Security in the Arctic Ocean: Promoting Co-operation and Preventing Conflict, also written by the Climate Change programme, was cited by the government report.

Working with the UK Foresight programme is the latest project for the Climate Change and Security programme. The group continue to provide up-to-date analysis and research of the effects of Climate Change across the world and adding to the debate through its published papers.

The read the full Government report click here

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