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Integrated Battle Command System: Prospects and Existential Complexities

Debalina Ghoshal
RUSI Defence Systems, 6 October 2017
United States, Equipment and Acquisitions
Despite delays and continuing software problems, the US Army’s planned integrated air and missile defence command construct remains a priority for the Pentagon as it looks to proliferating threats in the coming decades

The US Army’s Integrated Air and Missile Defence Battle Command System (IBCS), manufactured by Northrop Grumman, is an integral component of the Integrated Air and Missile Defence System (IAMD).

IAMD is a system developed to provide defensive coverage against not only ballistic missile threats, but also unguided missiles, cruise missiles and aircraft.

However, the IBCS continues to face delays due to long running software problems. These delays threaten to reduce the useful lifespan of IBCS once it enters service as the various components of the system age relative to the latest air and missile defence technologies.

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