RUSI Climate Change Programme prepares paper for German Marshall Fund

RUSI climate-change experts Dr Tobias Feakin and Duncan Depledge have prepared a paper for the Washington-based German Marshall Fund. The paper has given experts a better understanding of the effects of climate-change on transatlantic relations.

The Climate Change and Security Programme have prepared a paper for the German Marshall Fund, a Washington-based think-tank. The paper examines climate security and the impacts and opportunities for transatlantic relations. Written by RUSI Research Fellow Dr. Tobias Feakin and Research Analyst Duncan Depledge, the paper says;

'Climate change is one of the most serious political, diplomatic, and social challenges facing the transatlantic community. Given the lack of progress in the international climate negotiations, foreign-policy and defense sectors on both sides of the Atlantic should develop a contingency plan based on closer military and foreign-policy collaboration.'

The research carried out by the RUSI Climate and Security programme is being used by the German Marshall Fund to promote greater cooperation and understanding between North America and Europe. It is the latest work carried out by members of the Climate Change and Security Programme. Others projects include the Government's upcoming report on the international dimensions of climate change. This will look at areas of government that could be affected by climate change including infrastructure, finance and security.

Last month, Dr. Tobias Feakin and Duncan Depledge published their report; Climate-Related Impact on National Security in Mexico and Central America. Their comprehensive report assessed present and future climate-related challenges faced by Mexico and Central American states. The Programme continues to influence climate-change discussion and inform the debate about the wide-ranging effects of climate change.

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