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Strengthening Britain’s Voice in the World

Other Publications, 5 November 2015
UK, Defence Policy, International Institutions, UK Defence
Report of the UK Foreign and Security Policy Working Group

This paper reflects the views of its signatories listed below and not the institutions to which we belong. It arose from our shared concern about the risk of Britain disengaging from its role as a contributor to international prosperity and security, and our awareness that international and domestic perceptions of that disengagement were damaging Britain’s reputation.

The group met on two separate occasions – once at Chatham House in London in June 2015 and once at Ditchley Park in July 2015 – to discuss the basis for these perceptions and assess what steps the British government could undertake to address them. The paper acknowledges the fact that the ongoing Strategic Defence and Security Review provides a good opportunity for the UK government to think about the country’s future international role and responsibilities, and the resources that must be committed to make these real.

Members of the Working Group

Professor Malcolm Chalmers, Royal United Services Institute

Professor Paul Cornish, RAND Europe

Dr Jonathan Eyal, Royal United Services Institute

Sir John Grant, Former UK Permanent Representative to the EU

Sir John Holmes, Ditchley Foundation

Laura Kyrke-Smith Portland

Mark Leonard, European Council on Foreign Relations

Dame Mariot Leslie, Former UK Permanent Representative to NATO

Dr Patricia Lewis, Chatham House

Sir Roderic Lyne, Former UK Ambassador to Russia

Sir David Manning, Former UK Ambassador to the United States

Dame Rosalind Marsden, Former EU Special Representative for Sudan and South Sudan

Dr Robin Niblett, Chatham House

Dr Tim Oliver, London School of Economics

Thomas Raines, Chatham House (Rapporteur)

Philip Stephens, Financial Times

Lord Wallace of Saltaire, Former Government Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs in the House of Lords

Lord Williams of Baglan, Former UN Under-Secretary General, UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon

Nick Witney, European Council on Foreign Relations

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