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China’s Growing Pains: A Review of 40 Years of Reform

Charles Parton
RUSI Newsbrief, 23 January 2019
Asia, China, International Security Studies, Global Security Issues
Now that Chinese President Xi Jinping has consolidated power within the Chinese Communist Party, the expectation is that he will turn his gaze to serious reform efforts needed to sustain the country’s rise. Changing an economic and social system described by Chinese leaders as ‘unsustainable’ without provoking instability – to be accomplished with the Party managing to stay in power and outrun problems of debt, demography, and water scarcity – will prove to be quite the challenge.

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Charles Parton OBE
Senior Associate Fellow

Charlie Parton spent 22 years of his 37 year diplomatic career working in or on China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In his final posting... read more

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