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RUSI Newsbrief is the premium online current affairs magazine of the Royal United Services Institute, offering concise briefings and analysis of contemporary issues and trends in international defence and security. With new content published every week, our expert contributors keep your finger on the pulse of the latest developments in UK and global defence and security, international affairs, and financial and organised crime.

So far this year, RUSI Newsbrief has published the work of three former UK diplomats on how to rethink the Irish border quandary posed by Brexit, China’s domestic reform efforts, and why the UK should prepare for nuclear war between India and Pakistan. Other recent pieces have evaluated how to make the repatriation of female British Daesh returnees a success, why the government should rethink its response to the use of the internet by terrorists, and what the real motives are behind Beijing’s internment camps in Xinjiang. In March, we will feature articles by both RUSI and external experts on what to expect from key actors in the South China Sea and along the
Afghanistan–Pakistan border, Al-Shabaab’s branding techniques, and why Russian megaprojects may fail to distract citizens from the economic consequences of international sanctions.

An individual annual subscription of only £15 brings you into the fold of exclusive defence and security expertise, with full access to our archive of hundreds of past articles published since 2004. Keep up-to-date with expert research, analysis and policy debates with a subscription to RUSI Newsbrief.

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