NATO Engages: London 2019

This December, the world watched as heads of state and government and military leaders gathered at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Leaders’ Meeting in London.


RUSI is committed to providing thought leadership on the alliance. This collection of Publications, Commentaries and Events provides an overview of NATO ahead of the event. To follow the event live follow #NATOEngages on Twitter and Follow the event live at


#WeAreNATO: Strategic Communications, Engagement and Lessons Learnt


From Schools to Total Defence Exercises: Best Practices in Greyzone Deterrence


The 2% Target: Spending Increases and the Russian Threat


The Paradox at the Heart of NATO’s Return to Article 5


Which Rules? Why There is No Single ‘Rules-Based International System’




NATO and the ‘Disruptive’ French President


France and NATO: President Macron Gets Clinical


NATO vs Russia at 70


The Decision to Go to War: How the British Public Misunderstands Its Legal Basis


A New Deal to Make NATO and America Great Again


Watch-Again Events

What next for NATO? The Warsaw Summit and Beyond


Prime Minister Erna Solberg on the Security Policy Challenges Facing Norway and Europe today

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