Ministry of Defence CBM Seminar: Information Exploitation Across Defence in the

The UK Ministry of Defence is hosting a seminar on 'Information Exploitation Across Defence in the Networked Era' on 23-24 May 2005. The conference will address the broader exploitation of information across defence and other organizations in the context of strategic campaign planning and the execution of integrated operations. Setting the scene through presentation of MoD intent, it will examine the theory and challenges of networks and networked operations, the use of information in global commercial enterprise and business/defence working, and the requirement for information exploitation and interoperability with allies, other Government Departments and supporting organizations. It will describe progress in developing capability, and draw informed and authoritative views on how defence should develop its ability to exploit information, with a wide range of stakeholders who have an interest or direct engagement in development of Command and Battlespace Management and the direction and provision of Network Enabled Capability.

For full information, please see the attached conference brochure.

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