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Building on its continued success, RUSI launches a fresh visual identity that reflects its growth and development. The distinctive new look aims to broaden RUSI’s reach amongst the diverse defence and security community.

RUSI logo

The identity is part of RUSI’s development to meet the intellectual challenges of a new security environment, as well as the organisational challenges in reinforcing RUSI’s reputation as the major channel for thinking in British security. RUSI has reflected the military and defence debate over the years and has now undertaken the challenge of the global security agenda. This was reflected when RUSI was voted as Prospect magazine’s think tank of the year in 2008 and in the establishment of offices in Washington D.C. and Doha, Qatar.

The new branding will bring together all of RUSI’s outputs, from its publications, research initiatives and events. It will harness RUSI’s long history and its aim to be a cutting-edge think tank.

New Research

Together with its rebranding, in 2009 RUSI will be initiating several research initiatives. RUSI today launches a Public Policy research initiative that will focus on the government's performance in addressing national security issues and in implementing the National Security Strategy. It will also be hosting a programme jointly with the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation and will explore new approaches to the early warning of geopolitical instabilities which the current economic crisis is liable to promote.

Benefits for Members

RUSI is also offering a new range of membership packages that will be relevant to the defence and security community. Members will be able to have greater access to a range of RUSI events and initiatives that all aim to set the agenda. The RUSI membership community will be interactive and will be able to become part of an exclusive network of practioners.

On RUSI.org

All of these new developments will be harnessed through our growing online platform, RUSI.org. In this first stage of development, RUSI.org encompasses a fresh new look and the inclusion of the first of many RUSI podcasts. Users and members of RUSI.org can also benefit from a greater range of content and expert commentary that will respond and indeed shape the news agenda. This will soon be accompanied by greater network capabilities and exclusive content for members.

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