Climate Change and Security in the News June 2010

A round-up of news and analysis relating to climate change and security in the world media for June 2010.

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Defence experts call for more explicit climate models

Military and national security experts in the US continue to press scientists to help them understand the risk and uncertainty inherent climate forecasting. Rear Admiral David Titley, head of the US Navy's 'Task Force Climate Change', and retired Air Force Major General Richard Engel were among military, national security and climate who met at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography's new Center for Environment and National Security to discuss what kinds of forecasts will be needed for foreign policy planning in the future.

In a separate interview with the American Geophysical Union, Admiral Titley stressed the need for the Navy in particular to understand and anticipate what changes may occur, since so many affect the maritime environment.

Coverage: NY Times , New Security Beat

Control of the climate

Writing for Yale Environment 360, Professor Mike Hulme from the University of East Anglia, has warned that as global warming intensifies, demand for human manipulation of the climate system risks causing conflict over the unintended regional consequences such intervention, and over who is entitled to deploy climate-altering technologies.

Coverage: Reuters

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