A Call to Arms Interview Series: Request for proposals

1. General Information 

1.1 About RUSI 

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) is the world’s oldest and the UK’s leading defence and security think tank. Its mission is to inform, influence and enhance public debate on a safer and more stable world. 

Since its foundation in 1831, RUSI has relied on its members to support its activities. Together with revenue from research, publications and conferences, RUSI has sustained its political independence for over 187 years. 

1.2 A Call to Arms 

RUSI´s Military Sciences team wishes to start a new interview series called “A Call to Arms”. This will be part of its “Profession of Arms” research project. The other parts are “Western Way of War” podcast series and “Adversarial Studies” webinar series. 


2. Statement of Work 

2.1 Purpose 

A series of video interviews with military leaders helping to shape the evolution of UK defence policy.  

As part of its Profession of Arms programme, the Military Sciences research programme at RUSI has created two projects consisting primarily of digital content – Adversarial Studies and the Western Way of Warfare. It now proposes to add a third pillar to this programme, which will involve interviews with current senior military leaders. Increasing the programme’s online content is part of a wider strategy of engagement with the community of interest, particularly during the current climate that does not allow for in person events. However, this work will continue as it will increase engagement with individuals and organisations, particularly those in other countries or areas of the UK which do not allow for attendance at physical events. 

For this specific series, each interview will be conducted by Research Fellow in the Military Sciences group at RUSI and allow for an examination of a specific area of military force or capability. These interviews will complement the other two pillars by providing perspectives on adversaries and the Western way of fighting through current contexts. The interviews will cover current and developing policy, the issues inherent in developing policy, as well as providing an opportunity for the interviewer to challenge the interviewee. 


2.2 Scope and Deliverables 

  • The videos will be recorded remotely/in-person to the highest standards 

  • Well produced and strongly branded videos taken from Zoom events 

  • This will be integrated within RUSI’s existing website. Navigated in RUSI.org and via search engines 

  • The videos will also be uploaded on RUSI’s YouTube channel 

  • It will adhere to RUSI brand guidelines, and will look like other RUSI videos  



  • 12 videos in total 

  • Each interview will be conducted as a 20-minute session on Zoom, or an alternative platform that allows for a small audience to watch the recording, and recorded as a video 

  • There will be a small audience present during the recording consisting of key sponsors of RUSI’s Military Sciences research. 

  • Following the interview, these attendees will have a 10 minute off the record Q&A session with the speaker. 

  • Each video starts with an introduction (Alexandra Stickings, in front of a RUSI background, outlining the purpose of the series, etc., which is used for every video), followed by an introduction to the specific interview with the short biography of the interviewee, which then jumps into the interview itself. Once the main intro is done, there is only a quick one-minute intro for each one. We are open to alternative proposals to this format. 

  • Sponsor logo will be included in the video, and the introduction and ending of the video mentions the sponsor 

  • Scripting work and recording set up with interviewer and guest.  

  • Supplier will provide access to graphics, animation and stock footage. 

  • Videos will need editing for narrative and continuity and colour grading and delivered in formats that are optimised for YouTube and social media.  

  • During the lockdown, RUSI will provide footage from Zoom recordingsAs restrictions are eased, we would look to the supplier to record in-person. 

2.3 Project Schedule 

Project Milestone 


Submission of this tender document 


Selecting the video producer 


First video (has been recorded already) edited 


First video edits commented by RUSI 


First video finished and uploaded to the website 


After the first episode, there will be one recording each month for a duration of a year 



3. Proposal Submission and Selection Procedure 

3.1 Submission of responses 

Responses to this RFP must arrive no later than 1700 on Thursday 10 Decemberwhich is the date fixed for submission of responses to this Invitation. 

The respondent must submit an electronic copy of its response to smueen@rusi.org. 

RUSI shall not consider any late responses to this RFP nor shall it consider requests for extension of the time or date fixed for the submission of responses. 

3.2 Selection Criteria 

RUSI shall use the following evaluation criteria when evaluating the responses: 

  • Cost of the video editing 

  • We will be looking for proposals that will deliver visually appealing and engaging edited videos 

  • Professional feel of the final product 

  • Speed of delivery 

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