Dr Sarah Lockyer

Senior Associate Fellow


Dr Sarah Lockyer is the Casualty Identification Coordinator for Canada’s Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces. She manages the Casualty Identification Program and is the Program’s forensic anthropologist. Dr Lockyer works to identify the newly discovered skeletal remains of possible Canadian service members killed in action during the First and Second World Wars, and the Korean Conflict so that they may be buried with their name, by their unit, and in the presence of family. The Casualty Identification Program also aims to identify those buried as unknown soldiers/airmen when there is historical and archival evidence to support such an identification.

Prior to joining the Department of National Defence, she held various administrative positions in the Canadian federal public service with Justice Canada and Parks Canada.

Dr Lockyer has a BSc in Anthropology (completed in French) from the Université de Montréal, an MSc in Forensic Archaeological Science from University College London, and a PhD in Bioarchaeology from Bournemouth University. She is currently a member of the Canadian Association for Biological Anthropology’s Executive Committee.

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