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Dr Mohammed

Research Fellow

A Research Fellow in the National Security and Resilience Team (NSR) and one of the leading experts on the Prevent strategy in the UK counter-terrorism policy and de-radicalisation programmes. His research examines the field of countering violent extremism (CVE) and counter-terrorism. He has a PhD from the University of Exeter, an MA in International Studies & Diplomacy from SOAS, and a BA in History from UCL.

His book, ‘De-radicalisation Policy in the UK: Security, Identity, Religion,’ was published by Routledge in February 2017. He is one of the lead trainers delivering P/CVE training to EU delegates in Europe, Africa, South East Asia and Central Asia for 2017-2018. He was co-investigator of a research project that assessed the terrorism risk levels in Sudan for HMG. He also examined the concept of resilience in relation to violent extremism for HMG. Mohammed has been selected to be an expert for the Commonwealth CVE Panel of Experts in 2018, which facilitates the sharing of knowledge across the Commonwealth. He was co-investigator of a research project examining the radicalisation of Central Asian migrant workers in Russia. Mohammed is currently working on Prevention II, a project seeking to evaluate the impact of P/CVE programmes globally.


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