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MoD logoSDSR an opportunity, not a death sentence, says RUSI analyst 15 Sep 2010
Professor Malcolm Chalmers believes that, rather than destroying the capabilities of the armed forces, the SDSR could help to create more sustainable armed services.

Journal 155_4 Clarke and SoriaBritain faces 'new wave' of home grown terrorist attacks 1 Sep 2010
Britain faces an increasing threat from lone, home grown jihadists, as a potential 'new wave' of terrorists focus their activity away from large, coordinated attacks, towards a new-style of violence, according to an article in the recent Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Journal.

British troops HelmandThe UK's ability to promote stability and prevent conflict, in desperate need of reform 25 Aug 2010
The UK's capability to promote stability and prevent conflict in fragile states requires significant, cross-government reform according to a new report from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

RUSI in the NewsRUSI in the News - August 2010 25 Aug 2010
Citations of RUSI experts, analysis and events in the global media from August 2010

Journal 201008 CoverRUSI Journal article highlights major gap in current strategic security debate 23 Aug 2010
The Royal Navy is dangerously weak, risking the silent principles of the UK's national security unless the future fleet is restored and adequately sized, claims a new article in the latest Journal of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

Kuwait Diplomatic InstituteKuwaiti Security Dialogue 10 Aug 2010
RUSI to broker a series of high-level meetings between UK and Kuwaiti policymakers

TridentLike for like renewal of Trident will come at expense of conventional forces 28 Jul 2010
The UK's current commitment to maintain a nuclear-armed missile submarine on deterrent patrol at all times (Continuous At-Sea Deterrence, or 'CASD'), is driven as much by institutional and political momentum as by strategic necessity, and plans to order a new generation of submarines after 2015 now threatens to be at the expense of further reduction in conventional forces according to a new report from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

RUSI in the NewsRUSI in the News - July 2010 27 Jul 2010
Citations of RUSI experts, analysis and events in the global media from July 2010

UK Forces AfghanistanThe British withdrawal from Sangin 7 Jul 2010
The handover of operations in Sangin to US forces is not in any sense a withdrawal or a defeat for British troops - but it is a political hot potato that raises the 'Basra spectre' over British operations in Afghanistan. says Michael Clarke

July 7 bombsEmergency service interoperability in jeopardy 6 Jul 2010
Coordinated emergency responses within and between the fire, ambulance and police service is hampered by the lack of standardised operational procedures, rather than technology according to a new report from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

africa mapMaritime Development in Africa: An Independent Specialists Framework 5 Jul 2010
Dr Knox Chitiyo, Head of the RUSI Africa Programme is one of the co- authors of the recently published paper 'Maritime Development in Africa: An Independent Specialists Framework.'

John HuttonLord Hutton appointed RUSI Chairman 1 Jul 2010
Former Secretary of State for Defence formally appointed

Stanley McChrystal US Army PhotoThe 'McChrystal effect' helping to turn the tide in Helmand 23 Jun 2010
British operations in Helmand Province are showing signs of significant progress, thanks partly to the success of the counter insurgency strategy and the leadership of General Stanley McChrystal, argues a new report from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

General Petraeus LSGeneral David Petraeus remarks at the RUSI Land Warfare Conference 9 Jun 2010
General David H. Petraeus, the current Commander of US Central Command spoke at RUSI's Land Warfare Conference on 9 June 2010. General Petraeus spoke of the enduring relationship between British and US Armed forces.

Land Warfare Event adThe RUSI Land Warfare Conference attracts a variety of high profile speakers 3 Jun 2010
The latest RUSI Land Warfare Conference, commencing on 8 June, has attracted significant attention from several prestigious figures from the defence and security community. Not only does the presence of these high profile speakers demonstrate the importance of the Land Warfare Conference, but adds significant value to the level of discussion that will take place.

FDR large bannerA Question of Balance? The Deficit and Defence Priorities 3 Jun 2010
The deeper the immediate budget cuts that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has to make, the greater the risk of reduced capability without commensurate financial gains, argues the latest Future Defence Review Working Paper from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

WHR Nuclear Narratives thumbNuclear Narratives: Reflections on Declaratory Policies 27 May 2010
As Foreign Secretary William Hague announces an overhaul of UK nuclear declaratory policy, a new report by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) shows that it must fundamentally reconcile declarations of nuclear deterrence and nuclear disarmament.

MoranA tribute to Air Chief Marshal Sir Christopher Moran 27 May 2010
It is with tremendous sadness that the defence and security community has learned of the sudden death of Air Chief Marshal Sir Chris Moran. He had a distinguished career, serving in a wide range of key appointments before taking up his current post as Commander-in-Chief Air Command.

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