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RUSI in the NewsRUSI In The News December 2010 7 Jan 2011
Citations of RUSI experts, analysis and events in the global media from December 2010

Knox ChitiyoKnox Chitiyo awarded BEN TV Diplomatic Award 2010 4 Jan 2011
Head of RUSI's Africa programme receives inaugral award for services to diplomacy

Emergency Management White PaperRUSI and Serco publish White Paper 12 Dec 2010
RUSI is pleased to announce the publication of this White Paper, which presents 'the case for a capability and consequence-based approach to resilience and emergency planning.'

European SecurityRestructuring Europe's Armed Forces in Times of Austerity 3 Dec 2010
The RUSI European Security Programme has worked in conjunction with three of Europe's leading think tanks to publish a report concerning defence spending and the restructuring of European armed forces in times of austerity. The report is a comparison of UK, German, French and Polish responses to the economic crisis and its effects on European defence budgets.

RUSI in the NewsRUSI in the News November 2010 30 Nov 2010
Citations of RUSI experts, analysis and events in the global media from November 2010.

RUSImotifNew RUSI Council 25 Nov 2010
Following the Annual General Meeting of 25 November 2010, members of RUSI elected a newly constituted Council.

Sir Paul StephensonMetropolitan Police Commissioner warns of the 'persistent' terrorist threat to the UK 24 Nov 2010
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson gave a speech at RUSI on 'Building National Resilience'. The Commissioner said that, whilst several significant threats to UK security have been disrupted since 9/11, the threat from terrorism is a persistent and constantly changing landscape that the police, security services and public must work together to address.

Climate DesertRUSI Climate Change Programme prepares paper for German Marshall Fund 17 Nov 2010
RUSI climate-change experts Dr Tobias Feakin and Duncan Depledge have prepared a paper for the Washington-based German Marshall Fund. The paper has given experts a better understanding of the effects of climate-change on transatlantic relations.

RUSI welcomes Professor Hiroyasu Akutsu 8 Nov 2010
The Royal United Services Institute is pleased to announce the arrival of National Institute of Defence Studies Fellow Professor Hiroyasu Akutsu.

FDR large bannerImplementing the SDSR: Many difficult decisions are still to come 5 Nov 2010
The UK’s Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) has just begun to identify how the Ministry of Defence (MoD) will be able to meet the challenging target for spending cuts that it has been set, according to a new paper from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

Theresa May and David cameronHome Secretary Theresa May Gives Speech at RUSI 3 Nov 2010
Home Secretary Theresa May gave an address at RUSI concerning the terrorist threat to the UK and the government's response to it. The Home Secretary talked about the recent cargo plane borne bomb from Yemen and outlined three key areas that the government will focus on to combat terrorism in the UK.

RUSI in the NewsRUSI in the News - October 2010 1 Nov 2010
Citations of RUSI experts, analysis and events in the global media from October 2010

SDSR Survey 2010RUSI SURVEY: SDSR was a ‘lost opportunity’ according to two-thirds of defence and security community 28 Oct 2010
The Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) was a lost opportunity for a radical reassessment of the UK’s position in the world, according to 68% of the defence and security community surveyed by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

Ray MabusUS Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus at RUSI 27 Oct 2010
The Honorable Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy, US Department of Defense, attends an exclusive round table, hosted by RUSI, where he outlines tyhe challenges facing the US Navy and Marine Corps in a time of austerity.

EnvironmentSustainable Security for the Arctic 22 Oct 2010
Appropriate military assets should be considered for sustainable security in the Artic, says latest RUSI Whitehall Paper

RUSI in the NewsRUSI in the News - September 2010 30 Sep 2010
Citations of RUSI experts, analysis and events in the global media from September 2010

Franco-BritishBritish and French military establishments face 'Entente or oblivion' 30 Sep 2010
Due to the current economic and strategic climate, British and French militaries must co-operate or 'risk ending the current decade amputated and shrunk beyond recognition, argues the latest Future Defence Review Working Paper from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

MoD logoSDSR an opportunity, not a death sentence, says RUSI analyst 15 Sep 2010
Professor Malcolm Chalmers believes that, rather than destroying the capabilities of the armed forces, the SDSR could help to create more sustainable armed services.

Journal 155_4 Clarke and SoriaBritain faces 'new wave' of home grown terrorist attacks 1 Sep 2010
Britain faces an increasing threat from lone, home grown jihadists, as a potential 'new wave' of terrorists focus their activity away from large, coordinated attacks, towards a new-style of violence, according to an article in the recent Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Journal.

British troops HelmandThe UK's ability to promote stability and prevent conflict, in desperate need of reform 25 Aug 2010
The UK's capability to promote stability and prevent conflict in fragile states requires significant, cross-government reform according to a new report from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

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