RUSI partners with GCHQ for Research Project on AI and National Security Policy

Institute to assist government thinking on the use of artificial intelligence for national security.

RUSI has been commissioned by GCHQ to conduct a research study into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for national security purposes. The overall aim of the project is to establish an independent evidence base to inform future government policy development and strategic thinking regarding national security uses of AI.


As part of this project, RUSI researchers are consulting widely with practitioners and policy-makers from across government, academics, legal experts, technologists and other subject matter experts. RUSI’s final report for this project will be published in Spring 2020, and will include recommendations for future government policy regarding the use of AI for national security purposes.  


GCHQ have stated publicly that the agency “embraces AI, but not as a black box”, and that “it is absolutely essential that we have the debates around AI and machine learning in the national security space that will deliver the answers and approaches that will give us public consent”.


RUSI is a not-for-profit, non-political organisation and is entirely independent of government. RUSI maintains full editorial independence throughout the publication process. Findings and recommendations are in no way influenced by project funders.



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