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Air Marshal Phil Osborn on Intelligence and Information Advantage in a Contested World

Multimedia, 18 May 2018

A lecture by Air Marshal Phil Osborn CBE FRAeS RAF, Chief of Defence Intelligence, UK Ministry of Defence.

The clarity of peace, transition to war, and war is fast disappearing. State-based competition and confrontation are now becoming the norm, played out across a multi-dimensional and multi-speed battlespace. For some, traditional levers of national power are being fused with an aggressive use of information tools, placing a premium on risk appetite, speed of decision-making and proactivity.

In his lecture, Air Marshal Osborn will offer his perspective on the current operational context, the more complex challenge that faces UK defence today, and the increasing importance of a strategic military approach that places information advantage at its heart.

Air Marshal Phil Osborn CBE FRAeS RAF joined the Royal Air Force over thirty years ago and has served as a front-line Tornado navigator, Tornado Squadron and Station Commander, Commander British Forces Op RESINATE (North), Chief of Staff Operations and Support at Air Command and Air Officer Commanding No 2 Group. His staff experience has been focussed on capability management. Prior to assuming his current role in January 2015 as Chief of Defence Intelligence, he was the first Director of Capability in Joint Forces Command.

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