RUSI Monitor Issue Two
Monitor Oct 2009

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Relaunched Issue
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Second Issue

The second issue of the relaunched RUSI Monitor will be concentrating on cyber-security issues and learning counter-terrorism lessons from abroad.

Lord West will be writing on the Government’s approach to cyber-security, while Professor John Oxford will be assessing how seriously we should be taking the swine flu outbreak.

The following contributers will also be featutred:

Harvey Lewis "Cyber Security Intelligence: Time for Some Perspective"

Andrea Rigoni and Matthew Holt "Critical Information Infrastructure Protection: The Megacommunity Approach"

Peter Power "Crisis Management: Lessons from the Past, Ideas for the Future"

Margaret Gilmore "The Dissident Republican Problem in Northern Ireland"

Grant McDonald "Extremism in the UK"

Jon Coaffee, Cerwyn Moore and David Barnard-Wills "Terrorism and Crowded Places: Lessons from Mumbai"

Angela Gendron "Confronting Terrorism in Saudi Arabia: Implications for the UK"

Kirsty Lewis "Projecting the Future: Climate Change and UK Security"

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