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About Monitor

At a time when unprecedented levels of intellectual capital from security practitioners and thinkers are being invested in re-shaping approaches to National Security, RUSI is proud to re-launch its National Security and Resilience briefing, Monitor.

In 2008 the UK government published its first National Security Strategy where it laid out current government thinking on the new multifaceted range of security threats that now face the UK. It highlighted the interconnectivity that globalisation has created amongst the world’s population, how an event that occurs on one side of the world can have repercussions within a nation’s own borders due to the speed of contemporary technologies. Modern security thinking has to incorporate understanding of those risks and threats that are from a range of hazards, be they man-made or natural. Furthermore, responses to those threats can no longer rest with a single state actor, their complexity requires joined-up responses which incorporate not only the state, but the private sector and citizen alike.

It is this new complex, interconnected, multi-dimensional security environment that the Monitor will examine once every two months. It will challenge conventional thought on key national security issues including:

  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Resilience
  • Critical National Infrastructure
  • Intelligence
  • National security policy
  • Serious organised crime
  • Climate change 

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