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RUSI Missile Defence Conference

Aegis Missile Defense Standard Missile-3 SM-3 Block 1B 

A major highlight in the missile defence calendar, this international conference aimed to make a significant contribution to the evolution of policy with a stimulating discussion of BMD issues between senior policymakers and practitioners.

Leading up to the NATO Summit in September 2014, this was an opportunity to assess the Alliance’s operational capability for territorial missile defence, the BMD dialogue between NATO and Russia and threats and capabilities emanating from the Middle East and East Asia.

The Conference programme addressed the following issues:

  • Developments in United States Policy and Operational Capabilities
  • Russian Perspectives on European Missile Defence
  • Challenges and Opportunities ahead of the NATO 2014 Summit
  • The NATO BMD Architecture and European Contributions
  • Threat Assessments, Capabilities and Policy Developments in the Middle East
  • Threat Assessments, Capabilities and Policy Developments in East Asia
  • BMD Capabilities and Systems (Surveillance, Target, Acquisition, Testing, Interoperability and Command and Control)

Conference presentations from 2014 found here >

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