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RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2016

28 June 2016, 9:00 to 29 June 2016, 14:30
Held annually on behalf of the Chief of the General Staff, this conference reflects on the breadth of challenges confronting today’s land forces in a global security environment characterised by constant competition and unpredictability.

Conference Concept

For over a decade, the Land Warfare Conference has been the UK’s pre-eminent gathering of the land forces community, bringing together leading practitioners, academics, policy makers and the private sector in a unique forum for unparalleled discussion, debate and networking.
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2016 Overview

While the British Army is at its smallest for two centuries, the tasks assigned to it range ever-wider, from national resilience at home and countering terrorism overseas, to conventional deterrence against state threats through restoring the capability for war-fighting at scale.The conference explored this ‘adaptability challenge’ through the following themes:

Uncertain Threats – uncertainties of state, non-state and hybrid threats
Theories and Practices for Adaptability – insights from historical, contemporary and private sector adaptability
Partnering for Adaptability  at home and internationally, whether military, cross-government, industry or civil society
Confronting the Challenge  perspectives from ‘the generation that matters’
Chief of the General Staff Keynote – force development for adaptability


2016 Presentations

Read Michael Fallon MP, Secretary of State for Defence, Keynote Address
Read General Sir Nick Carter, Chief of the General Staff, Opening Address Read General Sir Nick Carter, Chief of the General Staff, Closing Keynote
Read interview with Chief of the General Staff in The Times ahead of the conference

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