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district commissioner RUSI Journal: Not Lawrence, but Lawrance: Transition in Afghanistan and After 21 Feb 2012
As the Afghan wind-down continues, the T E Lawrence myth is not helpful: Sir Arthur Lawrance is a better example Land Forces History Afghanistan Central and South Asia
Troops Afghanistan RUSI Journal: Influence, the Indirect Approach and Manoeuvre 21 Feb 2012
Influence, rather than being a radical new idea, has roots in a long tradition of manoeuvre warfare Land Forces History UK Europe
RUSI Defence Systems: Delivering Materiel and Manpower to the Front Line 28 Nov 2011 by Simon Michell
A look at the challenges that face the Joint Support Chain in current operations Land Forces
Farrell_Afghanistan Book Review RUSI Journal: Review Essay: A Good War Gone Wrong? 7 Oct 2011
Review of Afghanistan: How the West Lost Its Way; Cables from Kabul: The Inside Story of the Westís Afghanistan Campaign; and Losing Small Wars: British Military Failure in Iraq and Afghanistan Land Forces NATO International Institutions Counter-insurgency Afghanistan Central and South Asia
Black Swan RUSI Journal: Ten Trends in Capability Planning for Defence and Security 7 Oct 2011
Western defence ministries are getting better at capability-based planning. But they need to do more Defence Management Aerospace Maritime Forces Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: Scout SV: The Armyís Next Ground-Mounted Manned Recce Platform 12 Aug 2011
As the British Armyís existing CVR(T)s reach the end of their useful life, Steve Rowbotham assesses the utility of the British Armyís next reconnaissance vehicle. Technology Land Forces Intelligence UK Europe Equipment and Acquisitions UK Defence
RUSI Defence Systems: The British Army and its Preparedness for Expeditionary Operations 12 Aug 2011
William F Owen considers whether the British Armyís post-SDSR configuration of permanently formed multi-role brigades will enable the British Government to prosecute overseas operations with confidence. Aerospace Maritime Forces Land Forces UK Defence UK Europe
RUSI Defence Systems: Reforming UK Defence Industrial Policy 12 Aug 2011
RUSIís Acquisition Forum makes a robust plea for careful government defence acquisition policy reform and warns of the dangers of any ill-conceived changes. UK Defence Defence Spending Perspectives Armed Forces Land Forces Maritime Forces Technology Defence Policy Defence Management
RUSI Defence Systems: Sharpening the Swedish UOR Process 12 Aug 2011
Toivo Niemi highlights some of the recent experience that the Swedish armed forces have had with Urgent Operational Requirements and reveals some of the consequences. Technology Europe Land Forces Maritime Forces Aerospace
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