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RUSI Defence Systems: Rendering Safe Improvised CBR Devices 29 Jan 2013
Though less common than their ‘conventional’ IED counterparts, chemical and radiological explosive devices are still a threat to both urban environments and the battlefield. Andy Oppenheimer, AIExpE, an expert on these weapons, outlines their dangers and describes how best to neutralise them Land Forces Al-Qa'ida Terrorism
RUSI Defence Systems: JTAC ROVER 18 Sep 2012
Delivering fast, accurate targeting information to pilots is an art form practised by the Forward Air Controller. Giles Ebbutt looks at the ROVER and other offerings on the market Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: Supacat SPV400 Delivers Improved Ride and Impressive Reliability 18 Sep 2012
An insider’s view of the latest status of the SPV400 light patrol vehicle development programme Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: The Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme 18 Sep 2012
Bob Armstrong explains the process for keeping the Warrior AFVs in service for another three decades, with major upgrades to lethality, fightability and survivability Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: East and Central European Artillery and Anti-Tank Guided Weapons 18 Sep 2012
Eugene Kogan presents a market overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the artillery ammunition and anti-tank guided weapons sector across eastern and central Europe Land Forces
RUSI Defence Systems: The Medium Myth 18 Sep 2012
Current thinking has led the British Army to define forces as light, medium and heavy. William F Owen explains why the concept of medium forces is potentially dangerous Land Forces Defence Policy
RUSI Defence Systems: MV(a?): Kinetic Warfare Brings Us Back to the Future 18 Sep 2012
Kinetic weaponry will remain a key component of land, sea and air arsenals for the foreseeable future, but will struggle to attract R&D investment. Dr Jeffrey Bradford explains why Technology Land Forces Maritime Forces Aerospace
RUSI Defence Systems: 7.62 Revisited 18 Sep 2012
Nick Watts on why the time is right for a reassessment of the merits of 5.56mm rifle ammunition in favour of a heavier – and more lethal – replacement Land Forces
UK Soldiers At Olympic Park Analysis: Olympic Medals for the Military 21 Aug 2012 by Professor Michael Clarke
The last minute military boost to Olympic security allowed the Armed Forces to be seen as a normal and average part of a relaxed and self-confident British society. The Chiefs should bottle that spirit for the difficult years to come, and politicians should realise that this was a one-off service. Military Personnel Land Forces UK Europe Domestic Security
201207 NB Quentin RUSI Newsbrief: No Black-and-White When It Comes to Green-on-Blue Attacks 27 Jul 2012 by Peter Quentin
What lies behind the recent attacks on British troops by members of the Afghan National Security Forces? Counter-insurgency Afghanistan Central and South Asia Land Forces
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