NATO Operations - Internal and External Challenges - General John Craddock
General John Craddock, formerly Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) spoke on the current and future tasks ahead of the organisation's Sixtieth ...

General Petraeus and Ambassador Sedwill: The International Mission in Afghanistan
General David H. Petraeus and Ambassador Mark Sedwell delivered speeches at RUSI today concerning the ongoing International Mission in Afghanistan and ...

General Petraeus and Ambassador Sedwill: The International Mission in Afghanistan
General David H. Petraeus and Ambassador Mark Sedwell delivered speeches at RUSI today concerning the ongoing International Mission in Afghanistan and ...

RUSI U35 Forum: NATO Crisis Response Simulation
The NATO Summit in Wales this September must address the most significant security challenge to the Alliance since the end of ...

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NATO Headquarters

RUSI’s engagement with NATO has been enduring and dynamic. From our archives we feature research projects conducted on behalf of the Alliance, together with an extensive collection of expert articles and speeches made by NATO leaders at the Institute.  

Background to the NATO Summit in Wales

 RUSI Journal June 2014  RUSI Newsbrief Sep 2014  NATO Wales Summit

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Analysis by region

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ICBM launch RUSI Defence Systems: Railing Against the West 20 Mar 2015 by Timothy Stafford
As part of its comprehensive nuclear forces modernisation programme, Moscow is reviving a powerful and evasive nuclear system which proved a targeting nightmare for NATO during the Cold War NATO Defence Policy Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy Russia
Norwegian F-16 RUSI Journal: Is ‘Out of Area’ Also ‘Out of Control’? Small States in Large Operations 2 Mar 2015
Norway’s experience during NATO’s 2011 intervention in Libya exemplifies the mounting challenges of coalition warfare for small states International Institutions NATO Libya
Baltic defence RUSI Newsbrief: Baltic Military Preparations after Ukraine: A Sufficiently ‘Prickly’ Deterrent? 27 Feb 2015
Despite increasing defence spending, the small Baltic States are unlikely to be able to deter Russian aggression without external support. NATO Europe Russia
Tu-95 Thumbnail RUSI Defence Systems: Putin's ‘Flying Gunboats’ 10 Feb 2015 by Dr Igor Sutyagin
Against the backdrop of tense relations over Ukraine and Crimea, Russia has increased Tu-95 'Bear' nuclear bomber flights on the boundaries of UK and NATO airspace. What is the Kremlin's viewpoint and is the implied nuclear threat to European NATO members credible? Aerospace NATO UK Defence Ukraine Russia
European flag RUSI Newsbrief: Central Europe: We Need to Talk About Counter-Terrorism 26 Jan 2015 by Dr Kacper Rekawek
Faced with a growing threat from terrorism, it is now time for Central European states to go further towards meeting NATO and EU obligations, while creating tailored solutions of their own Terrorism Tackling Extremism European Union NATO Europe
2014/15: The End of the Cold War Period Videos: 2014/15: The End of the Cold War Period 17 Dec 2014 by Dr Jonathan Eyal
Dr Jonathan Eyal on why 2014 marks the end of an era in European history. European Union NATO Europe
Hollande NATO summit 2014 thumb RUSI Newsbrief: France in NATO: Personal Views à la Française 26 Nov 2014
As NATO seeks to reorient itself following this year’s crises in Europe and the Middle East, France can use its centrality to NATO’s command structure to shape the Alliance’s decision-making European Union NATO France Africa
Poland-UK military exercise thumb RUSI Newsbrief: NATO and the Security of the 'Eastern Flank': A European Perspective 26 Nov 2014
A better alignment of the defence capabilities and strategic thinking of NATO and the EU will be key to Western efforts to strengthen defence and deterrence in Eastern Europe NATO Europe Ukraine Russia
Estonian President Toomas Hendrik thumb RUSI Newsbrief: Estonia: The Next Flashpoint in Russia's Anti-Western Drive? 26 Nov 2014
Recent skirmishes between Estonia and Russia suggest that the former’s security concerns should be taken seriously, with a threat to this frontier state representing a threat to the European liberal order (free access) NATO Europe Ukraine Russia
Ewa Kopacz thumb RUSI Newsbrief: Poland and the Ukraine Crisis: From 'Policy Shaper' to 'Policy Taker'? 26 Nov 2014
Despite perceptions within Poland that it has been sidelined by Germany in the negotiations over Ukraine, it can still make a significant contribution to the EU’s and NATO’s policy approach European Union NATO Europe Germany Ukraine
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