Take Me Back to Constantinople - How Byzantium, not Rome, can help preserve Pax Americana
A lecture by Edward Luttwak, Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, DC) and author of The ...

Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature 2013
The Royal United Services Institute is pleased to announce that this year’s 2013 Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature – ...

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RUSI CREST RUSI Journal: British Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles, 1953-78 17 Oct 2011
New historical research on the size and composition of the British nuclear arsenal Aerospace Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy Global Security Issues History
UK Norway Arctic RUSI Newsbrief: Partnership with Norway: The UK’s Arctic Approach 28 Jul 2011 by Matthew Willis
With the swelling of activity in the north, is it time to consult the Arctic experts? Maritime Forces International Institutions NATO History UK Europe Russia
EU Balkans RUSI Newsbrief: Heading Towards EU-goslavia 26 Jul 2011 by Adrian Johnson
Recent war criminal arrests have made EU enlargement into the Balkans more palatable, but some points of conflict remain in former Yugoslavia European Union International Institutions History Europe
Rocket launch in Helmand RUSI Journal: The Transformation of Strategy 26 Jul 2011
Michael Howard assesses the transformation of strategy from the Napoleonic Wars to the cyber-warriors of today History The War on Terror Terrorism
RUSI Crest (content card) RUSI Journal: Military Technology and the RUSI Journal 2 Jun 2011 by Adrian Johnson
A series of annotated Journal excerpts highlight some of the technological milestones that have featured in its pages History Technology
RUSI Crest (content card) RUSI Journal: Some Impressions of the War in South Africa 2 Jun 2011
The former war correspondent offers recommendations on war-fighting from his experience of the Boer War History
Wellington Arch, London RUSI Journal: The Resonance of Waterloo 2 Jun 2011
Waterloo has been eclipsed in popular consciousness by the battles of the Second World War History
Lincoln during American Civil War RUSI Journal: The American Civil War and the Strategy of Attrition, 1861–65 2 Jun 2011
The American Civil War is a leading example of attritional war History
Dublin after Easter Rising RUSI Journal: Atrocities in Britain’s Counter-Insurgencies 2 Jun 2011
Atrocities and excesses in counter-insurgency are by no means a modern phenomenon History Law and Ethics
War Horse Thumb Analysis: The Power of Art 20 Apr 2011
Art can help convey otherwise inexpressible ideas and emotions. On paper, canvas, and the stage, we are repeatedly confronted with images of ourselves and the world we live in - and we cannot help but respond to them. Military Personnel History Afghanistan Central and South Asia Art and Culture
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