Take Me Back to Constantinople - How Byzantium, not Rome, can help preserve Pax Americana
A lecture by Edward Luttwak, Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, DC) and author of The ...

Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature 2013
The Royal United Services Institute is pleased to announce that this year’s 2013 Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature – ...

RUSI Journal Roundtable: Britain’s Armed Forces and the Two World Wars
Honing in on the British military experience, distinguished historians including Gary Sheffield, Gill Bennett and Peter Gray will discuss the development ...

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Jnl 1583 Barnes thumb RUSI Journal: Ending the Korean War: Reconsidering the Importance of Eisenhower's Election 28 Jun 2013
The first big confrontation of the Cold War did not end because of a US threat to use nuclear weapons, but because of a concerted international effort to find a negotiated solution at the UN. (Free Access) History Pacific North Korea United States Americas United Nations International Institutions
Jnl 1583 Cyr thumb RUSI Journal: The Korean War, US Foreign Policy and Domestic Politics 27 Jun 2013
The Korean War shaped US perceptions of its international role – and its domestic politics – for the remainder of the Cold War and beyond (Free Access) History North America Americas United States North Korea Pacific
Argo poster Analysis: 'And the Best Film Goes to...' Argo Raises Awkward Questions and Consternation for Iran 27 Feb 2013 by Professor Ali Ansari
The Iranian regime is none too pleased with Argo winning best film at the Oscars. It feeds into Iranian conspiracy theories about the United States, and highlights the tricky role the current Supreme Leader had during the US Embassy Hostage Crisis of 1979. Iran Middle East and North Africa United States Americas History
rlmh news News: RLMH News: A Victorian Analysis of the Siege of Cork through Annotated Maps 16 Jan 2013 by Laura Dimmock-Jones
The RUSI Archive is home to a number of unusual annotated maps. One example presented here brings together the histories and careers of two military greats, despite the intervening century between their lives; the Duke of Marlborough and First Viscount Wolseley. History
201212 Jnl Lehman_thumbnail RUSI Journal: The Falklands War: Reflections on the 'Special Relationship' 11 Dec 2012
The then US Secretary of the Navy recalls his personal experience of the Falklands War – and of the enduring 'special relationship' History UK Europe Latin America Americas United States
201212 Jnl Elliott_thumbnail RUSI Journal: The Walls That Did Not Come Tumbling Down: Are the Early Neolithic Walls of Jericho the First Evidence of Warfare? 11 Dec 2012
Could the famous walls at Jericho actually be the first evidence of warfare? History Middle East and North Africa Israel
Poppy Analysis: Remembering the Fallen in 2012 29 Oct 2012
For Remembrance Day, we highlight a selection of articles commemorating the fallen, the act of remembrance in Britain today. History Armed Forces UK Defence UK Europe Military Personnel
Jnl 2012 Mack thumbnail RUSI Journal: Codebreaking in the Pacific: Cracking the Imperial Japanese Navy's Main Operational Code, JN25 11 Oct 2012
Allied codebreakers were able to make vital breakthroughs in attacking Japanese naval codes even before 1941 History Japan Pacific
RUSI Defence Systems: Defence Debates and Developments in the UK and the US: The Long-Term Perspective 18 Sep 2012
Arthur I Cyr compares and contrasts UK and US defence policy changes since the end of the Second World War to highlight how the countries can still learn from each other History Defence Policy
British ww1 trench mortar RUSI Journal: Trench Mortars in the First World War 6 Aug 2012
Despite wartime innovation, trench mortars struggled to achieve acceptance in the British Army during the Great War History UK Europe
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