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Aug 2015, Vol. 160, No. 4
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The RUSI Journal is a leading journal on defence and security. First published in 1857, it brings together scholars, decision-makers and practitioners in a unique forum that combines academic rigour with policy relevance.

Issue: Aug 2015, Vol. 160, No. 4
RUSI CRESTForeword Editor Dr Emma De Angelis introduces the August/September 2015 edition of the RUSI Journal
Emma De Angelis
Cold War BerlinThe Ending of Wars and the Ending of Eras The definition of military victory and political success is in flux, with the twenty-first century characterised by sub-state rather than state-level conflict
Michael Clarke
British Soldiers Capture BremenBombed into Defeat? Air Power and the End of the Second World War Strategic bombing contributed to the Allied victory in the Second World War, but was not a deciding factor
Richard Overy
Chinese Soldiers War MuseumThe End of the Second World War and the Shaping of Geopolitics in East Asia Seventy years since the end of the Second World War, its legacy is ever-more relevant across East Asia
Rana Mitter
Murals Northern Ireland Peace ProcessThe Lessons of the Northern Ireland Peace Process: Realistic Pragmatism and Political Skills The conflict in Northern Ireland ended because of the British government’s ‘pragmatic realist’ approach to reaching a compromise with the enemy
Paul Dixon
Iran-US Nuclear TalksThe End of the Beginning? The July 2015 Iranian Nuclear Deal The July 2015 Vienna deal revealed the domestic political dynamics that framed Iran’s room for manoeuvre in the negotiations
Ali M Ansari
US Cyber AnalystThe Geneva Conventions and Cyber-Warfare: A Technical Approach International humanitarian law can provide protection for cultural and religious entities in cyber-conflict
Iain Sutherland, Konstantinos Xynos, Andrew Jones and Andrew Blyth
Residents in CrimeaThe Changing Nature of Modern Warfare: Responding to Russian Information Warfare Russia’s success in Crimea owed much to a successful information campaign – a strategy Western militaries are unprepared to exploit to the same extent
Rod Thornton
Soldiers in Training ExerciseFinding the Right Answer: Adapting Military Intelligence to the Information Age The nature of warfare in the information age requires fundamental changes to the UK’s military intelligence culture and training
Sean Ryan
HMS Ocean in EllamyWhat's in it for Us? Responses to the UK's Strategic Narrative on Intervention in Libya The UK government’s strategic narrative on the 2011 intervention in Libya had only mixed success in influencing the public’s view of the conflict
Thomas Colley
Dalwood Poll Tax RiotsA Window on Past Conflict: History Paintings at Tate Britain An interview with curator Greg Sullivan about the visual representation of conflict across the ages, as showcased by Tate Britain’s new exhibition Fighting History
Emma De Angelis
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