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Information for prospective authors wishing to contribute to the RUSI Journal and other RUSI publications

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The Defence Industrial Triptych

RUSI Journal

RUSI Journal
Including articles on Korean security, the Arctic, UK veteran's support and the future of counter-insurgency

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Scottish intelligence

Scottish intelligence
Briefing Paper
New analysis examines the options for the security and intelligence service of an independent Scotland

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UK Deterrence

UK Deterrence
Occasional paper
The UK might not need submarines continuously at sea to retain a credible nuclear deterrent, but adjusting could carry risks

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The P5 and the NPT

The P5 and the NPT
Whitehall Report
Andrea Berger and Malcolm Chalmers examine the P5 Process on nuclear disarmament and arms control

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March 2014
The Ukraine crisis, Russia’s ground forces, the future of Libya, Rwandan politics and more

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Defence Systems

Defence Systems
September 2013
The latest issue of RDS looks at the future of equipment, training and the operating environment

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