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Mind the Gap:
The MoD’s Emerging Budgetary Challenge

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Turning Back on Intervention

This issue examines the challenges facing the UK in the run-up to general elections in May.

PLUS: Foreign policy in Ukraine and the Middle East, China in Afghanistan and political developments in Libya and Egypt

New RUSI Report

On Tap:
Organised Crime and the Illicit Trade in Tobacco, Alcohol and Pharmaceuticals in the UK

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RUSI Defence Systems

This online periodical features in depth analysis of conceptual, technical and procurement issues in defence.

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Wars in Peace: British Military Operations since 1991

A comprehensive audit of a quarter-century of British military operations at home and overseas

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201505 BP A Force for Order coverUK Should Maintain Commitment     to Long-Standing Grand Strategy

The United Kingdom and her Western allies must ‘brace themselves’ for the possibility of worsening crises, argues a new RUSI briefing paper.

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SDSR 2015

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