Technology and National Security (TNS) Research Programme

A programme at the forefront of national and international debates on the role of technology in transforming the global security landscape.

As part of RUSI’s Technology and National Security (TNS) programme, we undertake research and host events focusing on the impact of technology on national security through four main lenses: technology-enabled threats to national security; technology-driven intelligence innovation; technology-based geostrategic alliances and competition; and technology-dependent economic resilience. These four research themes encapsulate the multidisciplinary nature of the modern technology and security landscape, tapping into a wide variety of expertise across RUSI’s research groups and wider network of associate fellows and collaborators.

The TNS programme also brings together stakeholders from across government, academia, the private sector and civil society. This is critical to tackling the cross-cutting challenges to national security and ensures that research findings and recommendations are policy-relevant and respond directly to the priorities of decision-makers.

Programme themes

Our programme on technology and national security is divided into four themes.