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War in Iraq: Combat and Consequence (WHP 59)

Compiled shortly after the end of combat, this in-depth study draws preliminary lessons from the War in Iraq (May 2003).

This in-depth study of the preliminary lessons of which can be drawn from the recent War in Iraq includes essays on the strategy pursued by coalition forces, the political and economic implications of the conflict on the Middle East, the future shape of the Iraq government, and the consequences of the war for relations between the United States and Europe. The Authors: Michael Codner, Director of Military Sciences, RUSI Jonathan Eyal, Director of Studies, RUSI Daniel

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Jonathan Eyal

Associate Director, Strategic Research Partnerships

RUSI International

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Michael Codner

Senior Associate Fellow for Military History

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Daniel Neep

Associate Fellow

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Neil Partrick

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Gareth Stansfield

Senior Associate Fellow

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