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Where’s the Anti-Tank Reserve?

Main Image Credit Soldiers from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards fire a Javelin ATGM. Photo credit: US Army Europe. Public Domain

The British Army needs a mobile anti-tank reserve capability in order to credibly stop opposing heavy armour during a peer conflict. Without it, outnumbered UK armour will be held at bay while infantry are overwhelmed.

The survivability of armour on the modern battlefield is increasingly threatened. The Syrian Army have lost over 3,000 tracked armoured vehicles over the course of their nine-year civil war. Ukrainian forces lost whole manoeuvre elements of vehicles in artillery strikes over the summer of 2014. But while there are an increasing number of weapons systems that can destroy armour, they must be available to tactical formations in sufficient quantities in order to be effective.

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Dr Jack Watling

Research Fellow, Land Warfare

Military Sciences

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