Resources on the Resurging Threat of Far-Right Extremism and Terrorism

We provide a collection of resources focused on understanding the resurging threat of far-right extremism and terrorism.

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In the past few years, far-right extremism and terrorism have received a significant amount of interest and media coverage. The Far-Right Extremism and Terrorism (FRET) programme utilises the strengths of RUSI’s research groups to help address gaps in the field by contributing to the evidence base that informs approaches for tackling the threat. Particular attention is paid to understanding what transnational connections far-right actors have; what role communities play in far-right extremism; and what role gender plays in radicalisation and recruitment. We look to assess how far counterterrorism (CT) and prevention and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) programming can be adapted or reimagined to address violent extremism and terrorism driven by far-right ideologies.

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Conference sessions

Watch the sessions form the programme launch

Welcome Keynote

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Session One: Global Connections

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Session Two: Online Connections

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Session Three: Physical and Ideological Connections

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Session Four: Financial Connections

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Closing Remarks

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Global Perspectives on the Transnational Far-Right Threat and Response

External articles

Dr Jessica White also writes external articles for RANTT Media.

Why Extremism Appeals To Some Active & Former Military Members

Over the last year, since the events at the US Capitol on the 6th of January, there has been increasing scrutiny and concern around the threat of far-right extremism to and within the military - Jessica White | 4 January 2022

Why We Need More Women Working In Counter-Terrorism

As the global counter-terrorism community assesses its successes and failures two decades after the 9/11 attacks, there's an opportunity to rethink how we include gender in our security planning - Jessica White | 20 August 2021

What The Biden Admin’s Countering Domestic Terrorism Plan Is Missing

While the strategy includes a nuanced assessment of the challenges, there isn’t enough priority given to the role gender plays in extremism - Jessica White | 6 July 2021

We Can’t Combat Extremism Without Also Combating Misogyny

Recognising the role of community and gender constructions is essential to effective counter-extremism and terrorism approaches - Jessica White | 6 May 2021

How The US Could Rethink Counter-Extremism Programs

Given the complexity of the radical right threat in the US, there are numerous factors to be considered when it comes to mass de-radicalization programs - Jessica White | 25 Feb 2021

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