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RUSI's International Security Studies research group monitors security and foreign policy developments in countries and regions throughout the world.

The International Security Studies research group at RUSI undertakes a range of ongoing projects focused on understanding great power relations from economic, security and cultural perspectives. The scope of our activities ranges from advising policymakers and the public at large on regional instability and conflict, to facilitating bilateral engagements between the UK and the world.

With a team that includes experts with academic backgrounds, business experience and policy implementation, this research group is able to offer diverse and sophisticated perspectives on the key geopolitical questions of our time. 



Currently the focus of the International Security Studies research group spans from Japan, through China, Central Asia, South Asia and to Europe. The research group's activities include facilitating bilateral policy discussions between Chinese and British officials, examining China's Silk Road Policy, offering authoritative analaysis of an increasingly activist Russia and analysing the impact of drawdown in Afghanistan. 


Neil Melvin
Director, International Security Studies +44(0)207 747 4979

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