Workshop Series: Public-Private Sector Relationships in a New Security Environment

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It is without doubt that a closer working relationship between public and private sectors in the security and resilience domain would be beneficial. Not only do security measures need to be “threat informed” to be effective but security advice needs to be “target informed” to be relevant. However, the majority of targets within the new security environment are in the private sector yet threat intelligence resides predominantly within the public domain.


Both small ad-hoc initiatives and informal arrangements based on personal relationships are becoming rife as means to bridge this gap. However, a meeting at RUSI in December 2004, attended by senior public and private figures, highlighted a need for a consistent and informed approach.


This series of workshops aims to address this need by:

  1. Showing how the most common barrier to cooperation can be overcome.
  2. Identifying which partnerships will achieve the greatest gains.
  3. Facilitating a “Partnering for the New Security Environment Strategy”.


The workshops are as follows:

Bookings are not being taken at the moment. To express interest please contact Emma Penn, or visit



Friday 15 April 2005Building Trust between Public and Private Security Sectors – will clarify the role of each sector and their main needs and requirements.  Further, it will identify the main issues regarding trust between the two sectors and will begin to establish feasible ways forward.


Friday 22 April 2005Joint Public/Private Security Partnerships: the Operational Issues – will assess current partnerships in the security environment as examples and ultimately aims to address the inter-operational issues regarding working partnerships.  This workshop will attempt to answer questions such as who needs to be working with whom and how.


Friday 29 April 2005 –Partnering for the New Security – will be the concluding workshop in this series, which will illustrate the main options available in reference to working partnerships by taking an integrated approach to partnering, as well as looking at the long-term consequences of such partnerships.


The following fees apply per delegate and differ according to the number of workshops attended:


  • To attend one workshop - £175 (+ VAT @ 17.5% = £30.62) = £205.62
  • To attend two workshops - £280 (+ VAT @ 17.5% = £49.00) = £329.00
  • To attend three workshops - £367.50 (+ VAT @ 17.5% = £64.31) = £431.81


If you are interested in finding out more about any of the workshops please contact Emma Penn, the HSR Department Co-ordinator on 0207 747 2627 or at

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