Why Integrating Bosnia and Herzegovina in NATO Must Succeed: Ensuring Security and Stability in South Eastern Europe

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A lecture by Ana Trisic Babic, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since the 1990s, NATO enlargement has enhanced the security of the whole Euro-Atlantic area, and helped transform the new NATO member states from within. The result was the spread of democracy and stability across almost the whole of Europe. But NATO enlargement is still unfinished business in South Eastern Europe, and for Bosnia and Herzegovina in particular.

In this public lecture, Ana Trisic Babic will discuss NATO enlargement in South Eastern Europe and outline the concrete steps that should be taken.

Recent geopolitical changes in Eastern Europe show how the world may be becoming more polarised; therefore, the need to close the geostrategic vacuum in South Eastern Europe will grow in importance. Further integration of the region will be of mutual interest to both NATO and its new members.

Ana Trisic Babic has been Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2007. She worked for a number of organisations, including USAID, Radio Free Europe, the Office of the High Representative and the government of Republika Srpska, before joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2001. Born in Banja Luka, she is a trained lawyer and studied at Schiller International University in London and the Harvard Kennedy School.

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