Whitehall Dialogue - The UK and Russia: Oil and Water?

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A presentation by the Rt Hon Sir Roderic Lyne KBE CMG, formerly British Ambassador to the RuRt Hon Sir Roderic Lyne KBE CMGssian Federation.

The end of the Cold War generated hopes that Russia and Western Europe, including the UK, would be able to develop a 'normal' relationship. Nearly a quarter of a century later, this has yet to come about. In his presentation, Sir Roderic will consider what has stood in the way of the anticipated convergence between West and East, and whether there are particular factors which keep the UK and Russia apart. He will assess to what extent friction between the two governments has been reflected in business and in other non-official relationships, what the  prospects are for the period ahead, what sort of country Russia might become in the next twenty five years and whether it will be one that we can do business with.

The Rt Hon Sir Roderic Lyne KBE CMG was British Ambassador to the Russian Federation from 2000 to 2004. Having first served in Moscow in the early 1970s, he observed the end of the Soviet Union from the Moscow Embassy from 1987 to 1990 and then as the last Head of the Soviet Department in the Foreign Office. Since 2004, he has visited Russia many times as a consultant and company director and has written and lectured frequently about Russia. He was a co-author, with Strobe Talbott and Koji Watanabe, of 'Engaging with Russia: The Next Phase', a report to the Trilateral Commission published in 2006 and a contributor to 'Russia: The Challenges of Transformation', published in 2011.

Refreshments will be served from 1515.

This event is 'off the record' and closed to the media.

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Event manager: Sophie Cordes, sophiec@rusi.org

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