Whitehall Dialogue: The Royal Navy’s Role in Humanitarian and Natural Disasters

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by Captain Steve Chick, Royal Navy, CO of HMS CHATHAM

From 1215 - 1430

In the wake of the Asian Tsunami on Boxing Day 2004 and the Summer Hurricanes in the Caribbean before, the Royal Navy has accrued some recent experience in dealing with humanitarian and natural disasters. Captain Steve Chick, CO of HMS Chatham, himself has firsthand experience with the aftermath of the Tsunami and will be talking about his experiences there. However, he will also be addressing the much larger issue of how much the Royal Navy should plan for and invest in a regular role of humanitarian and natural disaster relief.

With its unique capability and general presence around the world, the Royal Navy is perhaps best placed and equipped to react to this type of event above many other UK institutions and agencies. However, as part of the UK Armed Forces, is it proper to give what is essentially an entirely humanitarian task to a war-fighting and defence tool, and therefore perhaps encroach on their primary task, defence of the UK and it’s interests?

The forum is free and refreshments will be served from 1200.

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