Whitehall Dialogue / HSR Meeting: Combating Serious Organised Crime

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Presentation by Bill Hughes, Director General, Serious Organised Crime Agency, UK.


Serious organised crime poses large and complex problems. Much of it starts or is orchestrated from outside the United Kingdom, and increasingly by violent criminals. It is not easy to determine the harm that it causes. Some estimates put the economic and social costs at upwards of £20bn a year - more than £300 for every person in the country. These sums can, however, disguise the difficulties and distress experienced by people, for example through the crime caused by drug users funding their habit, or the damage to women trafficked into prostitution.


There have been some notable UK successes against organised crime in recent years. But more needs to be done to make the UK a difficult place for organised criminals to conduct their illegal businesses and to reduce the harm they cause to our citizens.


This presentation will expand upon what the Serious Organised Crime Agency, with its key partners, is doing to tackle these problems.


A sandwich lunch will be served from 1215.


To book a place please call Helen Wood on 0207 747 2643 or email helenw@rusi.org


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