Whitehall Dialogue / HSR Meeting - Addressing Contemporary Security Threats: What Role of HM Revenue and Customs?

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Presentation by Martin Peach, Director of Detection, HM Revenue and Customs.


HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have had a long standing role to protect our society from external threats.  This has included the interception of illicit narcotics, firearms, pornography and counterfeit goods, as well as control of exports to ensure that strategic goods only go to legitimate customers.  In recent times, HMRC have had to respond to the threat of global terrorism and have the lead role in detecting and deterring illicit imports of nuclear and radioactive materials. 


Martin Peach will explain the Department’s responsibilities and how HMRC has responded to current security threats and how this role fits in with the activities of the border management authorities.


A sandwich lunch will be served from 1215. 


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