Whitehall Dialogue - Corporate Social Responsibility in Complex Security Environments

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A presentation by Nigel Carpenter FSyI, Director, Group Security, AMEC plc.Nigel Carpenter

Companies who operate globally face a myriad of risks and challenges, many of which have not traditionally been seen as having security implications. One of the most complex of these is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Many companies, such as those in the mining or energy sector, have no choice but to operate in uncertain geopolitical environments because of the nature of their business. Poor community or other stakeholder relations can often be the catalyst for the manifestation of key risks such as kidnap for ransom, product contamination and extortion. Additionally, companies can become caught up in local or regional political violence or hostile community relations.

Those who operate in the CSR arena often struggle to understand the impact they may have on communities in which they place their footprint or projects in which they invest. In his presentation, Nigel Carpenter will draw on his long experience of dealing with CSR. He will explore what companies can do to better understand and manage risk, and what corporate CSR means for the wider security landscape.

Nigel Carpenter FSyI has been Director of Group Security at AMEC plc since September 2010. After serving twenty three years in the Royal Navy, culminating in the appointment of Combined Services Provost Marshal in Gibraltar, Nigel elected to retire early to pursue a second career in industry. He was recruited by the Mobil Corporation as their Regional Security Manager, Exploration and Production Sector for Europe, Africa and the former Soviet Union. Since then he has been the Manager, International Security at British Gas Plc, a Senior Corporate Security Representative with Amoco Plc and a Regional Security Adviser within the Group Security Network of BP Plc. In October 2000, he became Deputy Head of Group Security, BP Plc. He was appointed to a new role at BP in early 2006 as Director of Relationship Management, Global Energy Security and Human Rights. In mid-2008, Nigel left BP and started his own security risk management consultancy - Global Security Risk Associates Ltd - and together with his network of specialist associates offered security and corporate social responsibility risk solutions across industry. He is a Fellow of the Security Institute (FSyI) and past Chair of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers Security Committee.

Refreshments will be served from 1515.

This event is 'off the record' and closed to the media.

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