Whitehall Dialogue - Afghanistan: Security Assessment, Strategic Challenges

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Presentation by Lieutenant General Karl Eikenberry, Commanding General, Combined Forces Command, Afghanistan.


The military campaign in Afghanistan is in a critical phase, with significant progress made but substantial and complex challenges ahead. Too often the view of Afghanistan is a series of snapshots, without connecting context. To appreciate the progress of the last four years and realistically appraise the difficulties ahead requires seeing events as part of a bigger picture.  As NATO faces its greatest challenge, transition is the watchword of the effort - from US to NATO lead, from international to Afghan capability, from a military to a non-military centre of gravity.

Lieutenant General Karl Eikenberry will present his assessment of security in Afghanistan: detailing successes, examining challenges and analysing the geo-strategic factors central to achieving ultimate success in the Afghanistan campaign.

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Refreshments will be served from 1430.

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