Whitehall Briefing: Brexit’s Implications for UK Defence Industrial Co-operation with Continental Europe

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An exclusive Whitehall Briefing with a panel of RUSI experts on Brexit’s implications for UK defence industrial co-operation with continental Europe.

The UK and EU agreed a deal on their new relationship which came into force on 1 January 2021. A consistent feature of official UK positions after Brexit was a public expression of readiness for continued UK–Europe co-operation on defence and security matters. However, the recent negotiations highlighted remaining uncertainties and difficulties with both intergovernmental activities in this domain and could raise further questions about the UK’s defence industrial capability.
As the UK begins new relationships with the European Union and its member states, a panel of RUSI experts will examine what the new deal means or could imply for patterns of UK defence industrial co-operation.
Panellists include:
  • Dr Alexandra Ashbourne-Walmsley FRAeS, RUSI Associate Fellow and Director, ASC Ltd
  • Professor Peter Roberts, Director of Military Sciences, RUSI
  • Professor Trevor Taylor, Professorial Research Fellow, Defence, Industries and Society, RUSI
The webinar will be moderated by Professor Malcolm Chalmers, Deputy Director-General, RUSI.
These briefings are open to Major Corporate Level Members and above.

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