Whitehall Briefing - UK Security Policy After Brexit

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An exclusive Whitehall briefing with Professor Malcolm Chalmers, Deputy Director-General, RUSI.

The economic consequences of the UK leaving the European Union without a deal have received significant attention, but a no-deal Brexit would also have important security implications. Currently, as a member state, the UK is connected to the other EU member states through a variety of cooperation arrangements for internal security (on borders, policing and criminal justice) and external security (managing security threats from outside Europe, including cooperation on conflict management and defence). A no deal Brexit, if it takes place, would mean that the nature of this cooperation would change substantially.

In this briefing, Professor Chalmers will review what leaving the EU will mean for the UK’s internal and external security, as well as the country’s future security relationship with the EU.

Speaker Biography

Professor Malcolm Chalmers is Deputy Director-General of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). His research is focused on UK defence, foreign and security policy. His recent publications have included studies on: the Rules-Based International System; Brexit and European security; the UK’s Modernising Defence Programme review; prospects for, and implications of, a war in Korea; the UK and the North Atlantic; implications of Brexit for UK foreign and security policy; future nuclear threats to the UK; the 2015 Spending Review outcome for the MoD, FCO, Home Office, DFID and cross-government funds.

Professor Chalmers was a member of the consultative panel for both the 2010 and 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Reviews (SDSR), and a member of the external advisory group for DFID's Building Stability Strategy. He is an Adviser to Parliament’s Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy (since 2012). He was a Visiting Professor in the Department of War Studies, Kings College, London (2008-2011). During 2006-2007, he was a Senior Special Adviser in the FCO to Foreign Secretaries Jack Straw MP and Margaret Beckett MP.

These briefings are open to Major Corporate Level Members and above.

Please note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

To attend this event, please e-mail Sabrina Downey, Director, Projects and Events: SabrinaD@rusi.org 


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