Breakfast Briefing - Security on the Korean Peninsula: Continuity and Change

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One of the stories of 2018 has been how a situation on the Korean peninsula that came so close to conflict in the late stages of 2017 has been turned into a tale of two processes: one, the US-DPRK dialogue, which focusses mainly on the nuclear and missile issues; and another, the ROK-DPRK dialogue, that places a greater emphasis on inter-Korean relations and military risk reduction. At the same time, the DPRK has continued to evade international sanctions to further advance its weapons programmes under the cover of these processes.

In this breakfast briefing, Cristina and Emil will review developments in these diplomatic processes and in the broader security environment around the Korean peninsula, and will provide insight into what the future of sanctions against North Korea might look like

Cristina Varriale is a Research Fellow with in Proliferation and Nuclear Policy at RUSI, where she focuses on North Korea’s WMD programmes, North/South Korea relations, US extended deterrence in East Asia and disarmament diplomacy in the NPT. Prior to joining RUSI 2016, she worked in nuclear policy and research with the International Centre for Security Analysis (ICSA) and with the British American Security Information Council (BASIC). She has also been a contributor at IHS Jane’s, producing open source research on historical and current nuclear programmes. Cristina holds an MA in Non-proliferation and International Security from King’s College London. She was also part of the 2018 Nuclear Scholars Initiative at the Center for Strategic Studies in Washington DC, and regularly contributes to prominent media outlets such as BBC World News and Sky News.

Emil Dall is a Research Fellow at RUSI, focusing on sanctions, illicit finance and nuclear proliferation, particularly as it relates to North Korea. He leads the Institute’s work on countering proliferation finance, conducting research into and raising awareness of the (illicit) financial networks of proliferators. Emil works with a range of governments and financial institutions to examine weaknesses in the design and implementation of international sanctions against North Korea. He is also involved in the Institute’s sanctions programme where he conducts research on transatlantic sanctions policy. Prior to joining RUSI in 2015, Emil was a risk analyst for a major international insurer operating out of Lloyd’s of London, and before that he was a researcher at the Policy Institute at King’s College London. He holds degrees from the University of Cambridge and the Department of War Studies at King’s College London.

These briefings are open to Major Corporate Level Members and above and please note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Tea, coffee and pastries will be available from 0800.

To attend this event, please e-mail Sabrina Downey, Director, Projects and Events:

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