What are the major challenges to Turkish Foreign Policy in 2013?

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Volkan BozkirOn 21 January, RUSI will hold a closed-door talk with Mr Volkan Bozkir, the Chair of the Turkish Foreign Affairs Committee and recently the Turkish Secretary General for EU Affairs.  Mr Bozkir will aim to provide an insight into some of the key strategic challenges faced by Turkey.

The year is off to an active start for Turkish foreign policy actors, as Prime Minister Erdogan initiated his tour of West Africa.  With the Cypriot presidency of the EU coming to an end and the Irish government showing signs that it intends to open new chapters with Turkey on EU accession during its tenure, there is a renewed interest in picking up the process.

The crisis in Syria continues to escalate and shows no signs of abating, creating major political and humanitarian challenges for the region as a whole, now NATO's deployment along Turkey's Southern border will bring into sharp focus some of the challenges that Turkey will be facing in the coming months.  The deteriorating security situation in Iraq and increasing political turmoil is posing further challenges and Turkey's close engagement with the Kurdish Regional Government will put it at odds with the Maliki government in Iraq.

These tense circumstances will do little to improve the Turkish-Iranian relations and questions over Syria and the Kurdish militant organisation PKK could well place them in a more precarious condition.  This event will look at:

  • How will Turkey react to these challenges and what are the policy options before the Turkish government?
  • How might Turkey go about furthering its role as a stabilising force in the Middle East, while keeping an eye firmly on the EU ball?

Mr Volkan Bozkir has spent a lifetime serving as a Turkish diplomat and has been a high-level advisor to various Turkish governments.  He is currently a member of the Turkish Parliament and chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

To attend this event, please email Aleix Mombru, Project Executive, International Studies at Aleixm@rusi.org

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