The Urban Environment: Mirror and mediator of radicalisation? A photo exhibition and drinks reception

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RUSImotif 2RUSI will be hosting a photo exhibition that stems from a research project exploring the role of the built and urban environments on radicalisation and community tensions. Funded through the ESRC's New Security Challenges Programme, the project involved fieldwork in Belfast, Beirut, Berlin and Amsterdam. The project asked the questions:

  • Does radicalisation become materially imprinted in cities characterised by different patterns of conflict and radicalisation?
  • Are certain design features particularly conducive to the generation and acceleration of different forms of radicalisation?
  • Is it possible to steer the dynamic between social conditions and the urban environment to facilitate encounters between groups that would otherwise diverge?

Because of the visual nature of their research findings, the team decided to stage a photo exhibition to disseminate their work rather than the normal academic journal articles and books. It has already toured within the UK and internationally, but this is the first and only time it will come to London as it is the final time it will be shown.

The reception and exhibition will be opened by RUSI Director, Professor Michael Clarke, and there will also be a brief introduction to the work by the research team leader, Dr Ralf Brand from Manchester University.

The role of place in radicalisation is an under-examined area of study, and this exhibition is part of RUSI's programme of study in this area, which is run by Rachel Briggs, Senior Research Fellow.

The exhibition has been brought to RUSI thanks to the kind support of the ESRC's New Security Challenges and Global Uncertainties Programmes. For more information about this research project, please visit: and to view previous exhibition events, visit:  

To attend this event, please register online using the "Book Now" button above. If you have any queries please contact Sabrina Downey, Events Director, at or call +44 (0)20 7747 2622. 


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