Under 35 Forum - The Future of the Arab Spring

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A seminar discussion led by Dr Christian Turner, Director for the Middle East and North Africa in the Foreign Office.

This seminar seeks to examine the recent pro-democracy movements in the Middle East.  It will focus on thoughts about the future of these movements, in particular the potential roles for the British Government.  After a spring of tumultuous change and optimism and as autumn sets in, what have these movements accomplished and can the momentum be maintained in countries where the leadership is refusing to buckle?  The seminar will be opened by Dr Christian Turner before turning over to a general discussion.
Dr Christian Turner is the Foreign Office Director for the Middle East and North Africa.  He has served as the  Deputy Director, Middle East and North Africa, in the Foreign Office and the Deputy Director, Middle East, North Africa and North America, in the Cabinet Office Secretariat, as well as the Prime Minister’s Private Secretary for Foreign Affairs during the summer of 2007.  From 2003 to 2006, he was First Secretary (Energy and Environment) at the British Embassy in Washington.  Prior to 2003, he worked in the Cabinet Office, where he held positions in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, as a Ministerial Private Secretary, and in the Economic and Domestic Secretariat.  Before joining the civil service, he worked making television documentaries, following completion of his PhD research.

This event is open exclusively to members of the Under 35 Forum. To find out more about the Under 35 Forum please visit www.rusi.org/under35

To attend this event, please register online using the "Book your place" button above.  If you have any queries, please contact John Hemmings, Under 35 Forum Co-ordinator, at johnh@rusi.org or call +44 (0)20 7747 2637.

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