The UK's Transition and Redeployment from Southern Afghanistan in 2014

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Darrell AmisonA lecture by Brigadier Darrell Amison CBE, Commander, Headquarters 102 Logistic Brigade, Ministry of Defence.

In May 2014, Headquarters Joint Force Support (Afghanistan) assumed command of the UK’s ‘full-spectrum’ support operation in Afghanistan. The principal responsibility of the headquarters was to refine and execute the plan to complete the UK’s redeployment from Southern Afghanistan, whilst simultaneously supporting the establishment of the UK’s Kabul focussed contribution to the follow-on NATO non-combat mission.

The UK’s redeployment directly supported the primary objective of an effective transition of full security responsibility from UK and US forces in Helmand Province to the Afghan National Security Forces. Against a backdrop of considerable external scrutiny, Brigadier Amison will discuss how the UK’s timely, efficient and effective drawdown and redeployment operation from Southern Afghanistan was executed in 2014.

Brigadier Darrell Amison CBE is Commander of 102 Logistic Brigade, a formation that provided the core of Headquarters Joint Force Support (Afghanistan) during the final phase of the UK’s combat mission in Afghanistan in 2014. Following command of 4 Logistic Support Regiment RLC, a period that included a six month deployment to Afghanistan in 2007, Brigadier Amison attended the Higher Command and Staff Course and was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff Headquarters 3 (UK) Division between 2010 and 2012. He was a member of the Royal College of Defence Studies from 2012 to 2013, following which he assumed his current appointment. His operational tours include Northern Ireland (1992), the Balkans (1994 and 1998/99), Iraq/Kuwait (2005/2009) and Afghanistan (2007/2014).

An optional £10 sandwich lunch shall be available from 1215.

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